Thursday, May 03, 2012

might as well jump

It was coming. I knew it was coming. The two girls that are in her class were already going over jumps, but Abby takes the winter session off because she thinks it's too dang cold to be riding in the winter, so she was a bit behind.


So today was the day. The other girls jumped and then the instructor sent Abby out, but she hadn't taken the pole down yet. Hmmm I thought to myself.... how is she going to get that pole down before Abby trots around to it??????

And then.....


And then....


I'm not quite sure who's smile was bigger, mine or hers. So proud of my baby girl. She loved the jumping, until the last one. There was a bit of a stumble and she pitched forward a bit, enough to make her heart skip a beat, but not enough to knock her off. Can't wait to see her do it again.


Also.... I cannot get enough of this picture.


Chantal said...

way to go Abby!

Leah said...

Fantastic!! I'd have been scared to death to ever do the jump; good for her! (and probably would have been a little freaked in your shoes, watching her!)