Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Did I mention that Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel were back this weekend for another visit? We've been very very lucky this month, they've been in the hood three times!!


Uncle Dave was racing on Sunday afternoon, so they came down a day early which was a bonus.


That's Uncle Dave in his race gear in the center of the picture. Blue, black and red jersey with the tatted up arm.


So Uncle Dave biked his guts out while we sat in the grass and waiting for him to whip past us every 10 minutes or so. There may have been some snacking, some knitting, some ipoding and some reading during the nine minutes and fifty-fives seconds he was out of our sight.


We cheered and clapped and encouraged, but it just wasn't Uncle Dave's day, he rolled across the line 22nd. Although his teammate, The Archbishop, scored a spot on the podium by coming in third.



So the great news is we got to hang with The Hipsters, the not so great news.... I think that was the last race Dave's going to be in in these parts for the year. Boo!

2 comments: said...

How did dave do?

Goofball said...

looks like a great day