Monday, June 11, 2012

and she really wanted to know

I'm in the kitchen, getting dinner ready. Maya playing on the floor near by. Without really thinking I start singing...

My bologna has a first name.....
(that's it. Just the one line. I'm the Queen of breaking into one line of a song)

Maya stops what she's doing to look at me and then she asks.....

What is it? What's your bologna's first name?


Sheer awesomeness.

It's kind of weird to call your baloney 'Oscar', when you think about it. Hi Oscar. I'm going to eat you now. Ick. I'm glad I don't eat baloney. Now I'm going to worry about my turkey's first name tomorrow. Thanks a lot.
I don't eat it either, except when I was pregnant and I ate bologna with mustard and butter on white bread. Just the thought of it makes me gag now, but I ate them like it was going out of style.

Also the turkey's name is clearly Tom.