Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So this post is a bit of a tough one to write for no other reason then I'm putting myself out there. More than normal.


So that's me. In my spandex, ready for a run. It's still kind of mind boggling to me that I'm running on the trail, by myself wearing my ipod multiple times a week. Oh and I really love it.  I'm not even all that concerned with the scale anymore. I get on it once a week just to check in, but I'm not really obsessing over the numbers. I know I'm getting healthier bit by bit and it's definitely a marathon, not a sprint. My friend told me to measure and I did, but then I lost the paper I wrote the original measurements on, but I'm not so worried about that either. I know I've moved into smaller pants and gone down four notches on my belt. My body feels different in my clothes. I'm not winded as easily, cutting the grass isn't a killer workout. I spent the day blowing up balloons and didn't feel like I was going to pass out.

I ditched the couch to 5k program. I thank it immensely for getting me where I am, but now it's just discouraging me. Now I just listen to music and concentrate on my breathing and I find the runs much easier. Focusing on my breathing helps me keeps my pace in check and in turn I've been able to increase my distance without feeling like I was killing myself. I think with the couch to 5k I thought the faster I went the quicker I would hear that voice telling me it was time for a break. Take it from me, it does not work that way.

I ran my first 4km yesterday. I was so excited because I can see it, that 5k run, it's right there in front of me. I can do it. I will do it. And probably soon.

I am 36% of the way to my first goal, to lose 50lbs.

This is my midway picture. deep breath. please be kind



Merry said...

You go girl! You have come so far and I am sooooo proud of you. I just wish I lived closer so we could run together!

Julie said...

you look fabulous! you need to come up to ottawa and we can go for a run along the canal together. so crazy proud and happy for you!!

Lynn said...

Just the fact that you are getting out running blows my mind. I see ladies running along the side of the road around here and I am just so amazed and proud of them. The way you have stayed motivated and continue to work quietly towards your goal is just so inspiring. Keep it up!

Mommy Project said...

You are doing so amazing! Let's go running together soon!

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

I think you look great already! I love how you're just doing this, your way, and steadily! Wtg!

Bibliomama said...

I have a very similar body type and I would look pretty much the same in spandex. My stupid gimpy knee keeps me from running, but I had a great bike and treadmill and weights workout yesterday. I am FILLED with admiration for you. Full disclosure: my husband brought McDonald's fries home after baseball and I am eating some as I type.

Chantal said...

You look great and you are so brave!! I have thought about doing a post like yours and always chicken out. Way to go Shan!

Mary Lynn said...

Well done! I keep trying to convince myself to take up running again, and it's so hard to find the motivation to start. Good for you!

jessica obrien said...

I found your blog through twitter as I also often do #gratitudelist tweets. I just wanted to say congrats and keep going! I hate to run so I admire everyone who takes it on. best wishes for continued health!

Shan said...

Merry - that would be awesome! Thanks :)

Julie - Definitely need to come to Ottawa some day. Some day! Thanks!

Lynn - It still blows my mind a lot of the time. And you are so making me blush right now. I'm the chick who gets inspired by all of you. I wouldn't consider myself an inspiration, but I love you for saying it :)

MP - Sounds great!!

MMM - Thanks so much! You guys make me feel fantastic.

Bibliomama - I'm just adding weights and thinking about doing some riding just for the cross training. Thanks.. also in the interest of full disclosure... I had wendy's tonight and a piece of carrot cake.

Chantal - Thanks, I admit I had to close my eyes and hit publish. It went way easier than I thought though. You guys have been awesome!

Mary Lynn - Getting started really is the hardest part. I hate it now if I have to miss a run.

Jessice - thanks so much! I appreciate you stopping by!