Thursday, June 14, 2012

honouring ward

Ward was a long time family friend. I wish you'd all had a chance to meet him. He was quick with a joke and could almost always be found with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. There are no shortage of Ward stories. My favourite one is definitely the memorial outhouse story. If you're local then you know that our fairgrounds moved to a new location fairly recently. As you can imagine meetings held during the planning stage of this move could get quite heated. It was a joke between Mike, Papa and Ward that the new grounds would have a memorial outhouse in honour of Ward. So they are in this meeting and people have conflicting opinions and temperatures are rising so Ward waits for his turn to speak gets up and says, I was told the new grounds would have a memorial outhouse, but I don't see it here on the plans. I think Mike and his Dad were still laughing long after the meeting was over. In fact they can't tell the story even know without busting a gut. That was classic Ward.


Ward was a long time fair volunteer and not long after he passed away out family discussed planting a tree on the grounds in Ward's honour. As luck would have it, Papa still had the tree Abby had planted in JK growing in his garden. Abby and Ward had a real fondness for each other. Ward would often show up at church with a little treat for her, a Polaroid picture of a new calf or a farming magazine he was done with. So it seemed fitting that we transplant Abby's tree in Ward's honour.


The girls let Papa and Mike do the heavy work, but they took their turn on the end of the shovel too.



A fitting tribute from our family to such a lovely man.



Mommy Project said...

That was a wonderful idea. Ward sounds like my kind of people. I'm sorry that he is gone.

Shan said...

He was a real sweetheart. We miss him very much as well.