Friday, March 08, 2013

friday high five - vegetables

Trying to eat more veggies around here, which isn't too hard since I love them!

My top five....

1. Squash. Oh my do I love squash. I rarely buy it outside of holiday meals since I'm the only one who eats it.
2. Brussel sprouts. I never buy these. Probably because I can't do frozen brussels. Gag!
3. Broccoli. Cooked or raw. Love it.
4. Cabbage. Cooked or raw. Love it. Of course my favourite way to eat it is in cabbage rolls, but I love a good coleslaw as well.
5. Mushrooms. Everything is better with mushrooms... am I right?

What are your favourite veggies?

1 comment:

Betsy said...

I have a few on my list to try: Spaghetti squash, acorn squash, and a few recipes with mushroom caps =)