Sunday, February 02, 2014

sunday randoms

It's finally over! We bought a washing machine this weekend after receiving some incredibly kick ass customer service at the Upper James Future Shop. If you're headed there JC is the guy to ask for!

Only it's not really over because the washer doesn't come in for three weeks, but whatever. Light. Tunnel. The end of.

Snow, we got more of it even though we clearly don't have room for any more of it.

We were thisclose to buying this at Costco on Saturday. Yes we went to Costco on a Saturday. We know how to party when are kids are at a sleepover.

I left my house at 11pm last night. Apparently I forgot I was 40.

To accomplish that feat I had an early evening nap. Totally messed with my sleeping pattern. Going to try and get back on track and head up early.

Hope y'all had a suitably awesome weekend. Nighty night.

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Betsy said...

I got to see my daddy and sister so it was a great weekend!!