Monday, March 24, 2008

spreading the linky love #9

Well he's doing it again folks, only bigger. Following last year's successful Ride For Africycle charity bike ride my brother is planning Ride For Africycle 2.0. This year will see Dave and crew pedal themselves the 1,000 approximate kilometers it takes to circle Lake Ontario. Is he crazy? He might just be. Expect to be hearing more about this venture in the future.

Blog I love to read: We are THAT Family. Come on, with a name like that how could you not read it?

They look so cute and marshmallowy, who knew they could be so dirty?

No way do I have the nerve to take the scissors to my own hair. And even if I did, no way would it look as awesome as Kellan's.

How cool would it be if your blog caught the attention of one of your favourite celebs? Pretty stinkin' cool, I'll tell you. Just ask Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee


Don Mills Diva said...

1,000 K? Yikes. Your brother sounds really cool - I'm interested to hear more about the ride...

Leah said...

Isn't it amazing that Kellan cut her hair all by herself? I have a "straight across the bottom" very boring cut and I wouldn't attempt to do it myself! She actually cut and STYLED it all on her own! WOW!!!

I love that you do the linky love posts! It's fun to see new blogs because I often dont' get around to touring blog land. AND I feel super duper special when you link to me, and I'm sure the other linked people feel really awesome, too! You're awesome!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Hey you! How nice of you to link to me! Do you know ... some people think I got pranked by a pseudo-Clinton? No way. I could TELL it was Clinton! Thanks for the fun.

Shan said...

Diva - he actually is very cool. Way cooler than me. I will have lots to say about this as it gets closer. As well any updates I get from Dave I'll post here.

Leah - It's actually pretty incredible. My hair is straight across the back too and I wouldn't dream of attempting it. Aww you're going to make me blush. I think you're pretty awesome too. Glad you enjoy the link love posts.

Linda - I'm with you. I think it's the real deal. Loved reading it.

Kristen said...

Thanks so much for the link-you're a gem!