Sunday, April 13, 2008

on my own

This morning Mike decided that he was going to play hooky from church. We had plans this afternoon with Auntie Yoli and we needed groceries. So he thought his time would be better spent at the grocery store. Abby was singing this morning, so she had to be there, but Mike offered to take Maya with him. Not a bad deal, really. Then I got to thinking. About the disastrous shopping trip with Maya on Friday, which ended up with me carrying her out to the van in full temper tantrum mode before we were even finished checking out. I took pity on the poor boy, knowing that Papa and Grandma Linda would be on hand to give me a hand I offered to take the girls to church myself. No sooner had these words come out of my mouth when the phone rang. It was Papa just wanting to let me know that they weren't going to church today either.

I'm not going to lie to you, my first thought was to renege on my offer to take Maya with me. She is a handful and I knew there wasn't a chance she'd go out for nursery care if Grandma Linda wasn't there. She'd be with me the entire service. This was going to be a train wreck. Plus I was going to church with no social support system. The shy girl inside me was dying at the thought. I would never make it on my own. What if someone actually talked to me. Ack! And yes, it is completely irrelevant that I have been attending this church for over a decade. So many reasons not to do this, but you know what? I made myself do it anyway.

Maya and I walked while Abby rode her brand new scooter we got for a steal this weekend at Wally. I settled Maya in the pew beside me with a colouring book, crayons, vegetable thins, a drink and a story book. Abby doodled on a piece of paper while waiting for her turn to sing. Maya was even less disruptive than normal. Abby scampered off to Sunday School and Maya stayed with me, sitting quietly (more or less) through the rest of the service either colouring or sitting with her head tucked under my chin. After the service during fellowship Abby's Sunday School teacher stopped by to say that Abby's antsy in class, but she was the only kid who had all the answers. It was nice to hear because I often wonder how much of the service she's getting since she's usually colouring. After that we walked/scootered home. And I'm still amazed the whole thing went so easily.


Merry said...

Congrats on the meltdown free church outing. Though you know it won't happen again now that you've jinxed it. :)

Leah said...

I'm so impressed Abby is okay with singing in front of everyone! My daughter is a major ham, but only for select people. WE see her performing little made-up dances, and singing made-up songs, and she does fine on the dance stage with the rest of her dance class, but the turn the attention soley on her and watch her shrivel up and disappear!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one leaving stores from time to time before the shopping is completed...

Karen said...

That sounds like the perfect experience. I'm so happy for you. I understand the thoughts of the possible train wreck and wanting to back out. I've been on that train too many times, too.

Kellan said...

You are so cute - I often hope that people won't talk to me either!! Cute story and I'm glad it all went well. Take care, Shan - see ya - Kellan

Shan said...

Merry - you're probably right, but it's not very often I'm on my own at church. If need be I know I can take Maya home if she's too much of a bother and either Mike or Papa and Grandma Linda are there to bring Abby home.

Leah - Right now we have 3 - 5 kids in the junior choir, but if necessary Abby will go it alone. It's remarkable really. I couldn't do it. About the shopping, sometimes it just has to be done. We were all shopping though so I just deserted Mike and Abby and took her out to the van to cool off.

Karen - thanks. My biggest concern was the logistics of gathering them both up to leave, abruptly if necessary without making a huge scene.

Kellan - you're making me blush! Thanks!