Saturday, July 17, 2010


For the past year I've been trying to make plans to get together with Karen, one of my very first bloggy bff's. Actually we're pretty great at making plans, we've exchanged plenty of emails trying to work out our schedules and a couple of times we've had solid plans to meet.... only to have one of our kids get sick. But this was crunch time, in a couple of weeks Karen and her family will be heading back up to Ottawa, the land of fabulous bloggers. Hi all my favourite Ottawa ladies! So we set up plans for this morning and our husbands both sorta rolled their eyes in a "ya, whatever" kind of way, certain there was no way it was going to happen.

But it did!! It so did!

Once the plans were in plan I thought I would feel more nervous then I was. You know.... me and meeting people. Especially since I was flying solo, Mike was gone for the day. Just before they got here I started to get anxious because while I'm incredibly witty (HA!) on the internet, maybe I don't translate very well into real life. I wondered if that initial moment would be awkward. I mean it's weird, you already know so much about a person you've never met before.

But it wasn't! It so wasn't!

The girls got along very well, but kids are great like that aren't they? So they swam and Henry hung out being all adorable. Adorable, I tell you! And Karen and I just talked and talked and talked, in between interruptions from the kids, of course. I have always been thankful to know Karen, but I was thrilled I finally got the chance to meet her in person and really just solidify all the wonderful things I already knew about her. Our visit today was much like a visit I would have with Robin or ML or any of my local besties. So much of what I write here is filtered so it was nice to be able to connect without that in the way. I really couldn't have imagined it any better.

I have only one complaint.... well two actually. #1 - the visit was too short. I mean we talked about a lot of things, but there was so much more we didn't get to talk about like GLEE! and The Office and Dwight and knitting and books! #2 That we did this just before she moved back home... we could of had a whole year to discuss all those important issues.

And now for the photographic evidence....


The girls. Okay I promise Abby was having a much better time than she appears to be. And crap, where is the picture of Henry?


You know what's funny. I had on a orange v-neck before Karen got there, but spilled something on it and had to change. Also she has awesome hair!


Karen said...

You are so right! I left wishing both those things - a longer visit and that we'd been able to work it out much earlier in the year so that we could have done this many more times. I'll just have to make sure that when we're down to see John's mom that we arrange another meet-up.

And yes, the Office and so much about GLEE! and the rest of it all... sigh. Well, lots to talk about next time! Love you!

Julie said...

sounds like an awesome visit. i think you need to come to ottawa so that we can can all the ottawa ladies together for a great night!

Bibliomama said...

Second that. And so glad it worked out -- I'm so there with the meeting-people anxiety.

Goofball said...

fun that you finally met