Thursday, July 01, 2010

i'm back, for real

Well I guess it wasn't all that nice of me to announce my return to the internet and then disappear again, but I assure you it was not my fault. My internet was just barely usable. So we would hop online and cross our fingers that email would load and then maybe give facebook a try if we weren't too pissed off by that point and then usually at some point, walk away in disgust at the whole miserable thing. So Mike called the nice lady to come and hook up our new internet and she did and it works and I literally did a happy dance in the kitchen after she left. Oh I did. Ask my Mom, she was here.

So I hope all my lovely Canadian bloggy peeps had a terrific Canada Day today. We did, I'll post some pictures of all the days awesomeness tomorrow. Night folks.

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Norma-ann said...

So glad you have un-annoying Internet access!!!!!