Saturday, July 03, 2010

roasting of the weenies - now with pictures

Flickr is being a tremendous pain in the ass tonight, so off I go to bed and I'll try and get the pictures up tomorrow morning.

So last night was our sixth annual Roast Your Weenie Event and I'm just going to say it.... best Roast your Weenie ever! I think it had to do with a combination of record Roast Your Weenie crowds and our commitment to the Canada Day theme. Oh yes, we went all out this year my friends.


We issued a challenge to our guests - show up in your most patriotic gear and you just might take home a prize. We had three categories - best family, best couple and best individual. There was even some last minute decorating that went on.


Winners were decided by the very scientific "applause-o-meter".



It was a real horse race, but Iona and Donna managed to edge out Robin and her crew. The "applause-o-meter" doesn't lie, I'm afraid.


Nikki cleaned up as the most patriotic individual. Those are some super adorable Canadian flag themed cake balls she's got right there. Of course she's holding the mug the wrong way 'round. Now our most Patriotic Couple had a great picture for showcasing the mega cuteness that was my cake balls, but I forgot to get them to sign the waiver that would allow me to publish them across the interwebs, but trust me it's super cute... the cake balls and the couple.... and I'm not just saying that because he was creeping me..... on his iphone.... at my very own weenie roast.... just moments after meeting me. Is it wrong I find that flattering?

And my super adorable husband went out and scooped up a bunch of Canadian themed items to use as prizes for his Canadian Trivia Contest. A few sample questions - how many national parks are in Canada, when did Canada become a country and when did Canada adopt the metric system? Any idea on the answers? The last question was required a three part answer that he thought everyone would get in a second and they didn't, it took a while.... a long while, but JJ's crew managed to blurt out the answer finally.

This year we mixed things up with a candy toss for the kids and then we decked them out with glow bracelets so we could keep track of them while they played hide and seek in the dark. We skipped the fireworks this year, since #1 They're pretty crappy for what you pay for them and #2 our kindly old neighbour in who's yard we used to set them off has moved and in her place are a young couple and it's just not the same dynamic anymore.


It was a great night, great food, great friends, great big laughs.... just perfect. I can't wait for next July.

*cake by Auntie Yoli!


Julie said...

sounds like an awesome event. you might like this new you tube video, considering one of your trivis questions.

Goofball said...

yeaaaay for all the Canada decorations. just awesome. Makes me "homesick" ;)