Monday, July 12, 2010

knowing me, knowing you - july 2010

So here we go... time once again for that monthly interview project I like to call - knowing me, knowing you.

1. Do you like to garage sale?

I do, but we don't go very often. Maya gets (perhaps got... it seems like she may be growing out of it) very car sick on even very short trips. Like more than 15-20 minutes in the car and you're pushing it. This past Sunday we went to a huge one down by the lake. We walked the thing for three hours and didn't see it all. Papa kept the girls overnight Saturday so we could be up and out the door at 6 am. Gotta get there early to get the deals. Our garage sale pros tells us there are 3 big yearly ones that are "must hits". In the future I think we'll make arrangements to check them out, sans kids..... at least until they're older.

2. What do or would you garage sale for?

As we left on our garage sale adventure Sunday morning the question was asked of me... what are you looking for? And I didn't really have an answer. One never knows what they will come across at a garage sale. I can't tell you how many times I kicked myself for forgetting my camera. There was some stuff that had to be seen to be believed. Like the adult wicker tricycle. Yep, it was an actual adult sized tricycle that had wicker baskets front & back, a wicker seat and a bike frame completely encased in... you guessed it.... wicker. Also the bicycle that had a small chain link steering wheel in addition to the handle bars. Crazy stuff. Like the box of used up porno.... true story... cardboard box on someone's lawn with vhs tapes and the cautionary note written on the side.... adults only - blue movies. Classy! But back to the question. I am always looking for books. I picked up a replacement SNL book that I loaned out and never got back. $37 book for $3. I was very happy. Mike is always looking for 70's - 80's glassware. And then sometimes you get lucky... I picked up cookie cutters for a quarter that were the exact set my Mom had when I was a kid.

3. Cloth or paper napkins?

Cloth napkins more often than not. I will pick up paper if we're having a party, but other than that it's all cloth all the time. Something I got from my English Grandmother. Cloth napkins just seem easier. Also, better for the environment.

4. Ever re-gift?

I have, yes. If I feel someone else will get more use out of than I will. I have also been known to purchase gifts at Value Village and garage sales. Usually books.

5. Are you watching Big Brother or Last Comic Standing?

Hmmm? Are you? I need to know where my summer reality TV peeps are. Big Brother is of course ridiculous TV, but I am totally hooked already. Who is the saboteur? And I love me some stand up comedy, but I think those judges made some errors for the final group. How could they not put Fortune through? How?

So now the rules, they're pretty simple. Post your answers to these questions on your own blog in the next few days. Remember to link back here in your post and sign the Mr. Linky too, so we can all see what you have to say. Please make sure you link to your actual KMKY post and not your blog's front page. Any front page links will be deleted. And most importantly, have fun! Have suggestions for next months questions? Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know.


Norma-ann said...

Hey...since MP is blogless...I'll answer here in the comments.
1) To be honest. No. I think (usually) people are getting rid of stuff for good reason and I really have way too much "stuff" around my place already. I don't want anymore. I want less!
2) I'm working when the garage sales are happening, so I can't go even if I wanted to...if I did...I'd be looking for some nice old fashioned wood chairs. You know, with the paint peeling off - that kind of thing. I'd use them for photography props.
3) Paper (like a strip of Bounty's "Select a Size"). I'm sorry, but I can't keep up with the laundry I have now {...ducks...}.
4) No. I can't bring myself to regift. Just like I can't lie. I am way too afraid of getting caught.
5) Oh lord help me but, yes, I'm watching Big Brother. I think by 8 or 9:00 hubs and i are so desperate to just veg. out that it doesn't matter what stupid thing is on t.v. I have to say, I cannot WAIT for Dexter to come back on t.v.. I'm honestly sick of the "reality" tv shows.

Pamela said...

Hi there - I followed you from Bibliomama's blog:) I was intrigued by your blog name - I've been calling a bloggy friend "Fairy Blogmother" thinking I was being all original;)
Great idea btw for a post - I may just have to try it one of these days.