Sunday, July 11, 2010


So we've spent the past week or so on holidays and this is how we've spent it.....

Enjoying the a/c. It has been hot 'round here, yo! I mean sticky, humid, skin melting hot.

Enjoying the pool. We followed a strict schedule of staying up late, sleeping in, having a bite of brunch and then lounging in the pool until someone got hungry enough for dinner. And then... back in after dinner. Although by Thursday the pool was 90 degrees and not exactly refreshing.

I've been reading. I've got The Chris Farley Show going upstairs and Scooter by Mick Foley (Yes, I'm talking WWE'S Mankind Mick Foley) going poolside.

The girls had sleepovers with all the Grandparents.

There have been some shopping trips for new bathing suits, barbies (because.... and I quote.... a girl can't have too many barbies, Mom!), gummy coke bottles (the girls just discovered how delicious they are, so that means I'll have to start hiding them), water cannons, groceries and patio stones.

Mike has been busy with some very small home improvement jobs. Like reattaching my curtain tie backs that have been hanging out of the wall. Rearranging the pictures in the living room so they work with our gorgeous new large lamps. Doing all the trimming because while I will cut the grass I do not use the weedwhacker. And the small job of leveling the front step turned into a much bigger job that required digging, leveling, stone dust, patio stones and just like that we have a nice new walkway in front of the house. Well half a walkway... it's a work in progress.

We took the girls to see Despicable Me, which we all loved even if some of it was too loud for MyPie. Also, she doesn't quite weigh enough to hold her own seat down. So she spent most of the movie in my lap.

We did crafts on the deck. The girls are already getting their masterpieces ready for the fair in September.

And I did take some super cute pictures, but I can't seem to find my camera..... anybody seen it?


allison said...

Lovely. My mother-in-law rented a cottage for a few weeks so we've been doing much the same out there, with the odd road trip into town for more chips and heluva good dip (french onion) thrown in. And fishing.

Lady said...

Is it outside waiting to get rained on?? ;)

Goofball said...

lounging around the pool in hot weather sounds fabulous