Thursday, July 08, 2010

you capture - canada

This week's You Capture prompt was America and since I'm not American..... well we'll just make mine Canada m'kay?


So Canada Day. We spent it in the next town over. Yep, we're a village but they are an actual town. What's the difference? Well they have a library, post office, corner store and a gas station. Oh and sidewalks on both sides of the street.

Anyway they put on quite the nice little Canada Day celebration and I'm not just saying that because My Michael and The Abster were in the parade. Oh yes they were! Abby was supposed to go with Mike and hand out pencils for the fair, but she got a better offer that involved a friend's daughter and some squirt guns.


Here she comes.


The good news is she ran out of water before she got to where we were sitting. The bad news is they gave her an air horn instead.


As for Mike, he realized a life long dream and pulled a float in a parade with a tractor.


And it was a *RED* tractor too. His very favourite kind.

And if that wasn't excitement enough we headed back over at dusk to catch the fireworks. It's funny, they've been doing this whole Canada day production for a whole lot of years and this was the first time we've ever been over to see the fireworks. Fabulous display for a little town. We had great seats... which led to great pictures.




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Julie said...

wow! looks like a great time. and who wouldn't want to pull a float in a parade. in a red tractor! rock on. beautiful fireworks shots.

Nurse Corrie said...

I love parades! Great captures...

Goofball said...

lovely celebration