Monday, August 16, 2010

i'm the lucky one

A few weeks ago my amazingly wonderful friend Robin celebrated a milestone birthday -- I'm sure she'd prefer if I just didn't bring it up, but the pictures will tell the whole story anyway -- she turned 40. The big four-oh. Not that she looks it though. Not even close.


I've mentioned Robin and how much she means to me countless times on this blog, but it really cannot be overstated. She is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life. She sees and believes the very best in me. She supports me in everything and loves me despite my flaws. She has seen me through the best and the worst that life has handed me since I met her. She's cried with me and laughed with me. We've killed endless (long distance) hours on the phone. Thank goodness she's a local call now. We've shared dinners and secrets and afternoons and evenings. We've argued over who's turn it is to decide which movie to see and which restaurant to eat at after and who's turn it is to pick up the cheque. She is, without a doubt, a true sister of my heart and I am forever grateful for the forces that brought us together.

It was my great pleasure to create the cake for Robin's very special birthday celebration. I agonized for days over how I wanted it to look. I really didn't have any idea, beyond the message I wanted that cake to convey. The ladybug is a very emotionally charged symbol for Robin and I wanted that to be the focus without being overwhelming. I finally settled on this.....


A simple little garden-ish idea with icing transfer daisies and that one tiny little ladybug dotting the eye. Likely nobody else would have given it much thought, but Robin zeroed right in on it. It was perfect.


Again - happy birthday my sweetest friend. Every day I know you is truly a gift.


Leah said...

What a great friendship! There are not many people in life who truly get to say they have such a friend (I can't!). And that you understand what you have makes it that much sweeter. Happy Birthday to your dear friend! PS The cake was adorable, and sounds like it was just perfect for your friend.

allison said...

Wow -- great cake. And you didn't forget her birthday, because you're not an asshole. Like me.


I'm glad you have a special friend like that.

Love the ladybug dotting the "i". And the cupcakes are ah-mazing!!!!!!!!!