Sunday, August 29, 2010

will she or won't she

So school.... only a week left of summer vacation. Abby is decidedly against the end of summer vacation which means the beginning of school which means the beginning of grade three which bites for her because she realizes the higher the grade the less art work you do and it would be just great if she could go back to kindergarten because they do artwork all the time there Mom and she does really want to be an artist and now that grade three is happening well she's just going to have to go to art school! Sheesh! But that's not what this post is about, nope we're going to talk about Maya today.

Maya starts school about a week after Abby. For a long time I was worried about Maya starting school, I knew she was ready educationally speaking, I wasn't sure she was ready socially speaking. Then everything just got easier with her. She was better socially, more confident and actually willing to talk to people and not hide behind my skirts. Even T mentioned to me recently that she seemed like a happier kid and she was. Was. There's been some regression in the past little bit - lots of baby talk, finger sucking and my favourite, the crying at every little thing, Oh my gosh the crying. She tells me she's nervous about school and while she hasn't said she doesn't want to go, I know she'd jump at that option if it was offered to her. For the first time I think there is a good chance that when that bus pulls up she'll won't get on it. I know once she gets to school she'll love it, maybe even more than Abby did, but I think she's very much like her Dad with her need to obsess and worry about the unknown.

Then again it's Maya so you never know she could just scamper up the steps with nary a look back. She's a riddle that one.

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Jersey Girl Gets Real said...

Oh I have one of those! Thankfully school was the key to her change of personality from a whiny princess who didn't sleep through the night to the well adjusted kid that she is today.
I have no idea how people who home school do it.

Good luck with your girls. i am sure they will both have a great school year.