Monday, September 20, 2010

Even though I was up to my eyeballs in stuff this weekend when ML called to see if I wanted to go to the market with her and the boys, I decided to step out of my life and go. Oh yes there was lots I could and should have been doing at home. Instead I said nuts to that and headed out the door.

The market was crazy busy. Like so many people at times you had no choice but to go with the flow. There was no stopping and browsing in places. I had gone with $20 in my pocket and a plan to grab some more from the ATM. Yeah, big mistake. There was no getting near an ATM. I strongly suggest you arrive with cash on you, just like my buddy ML did. Thanks goodness she could bankroll me.

I did score some killer deals, like candy coated mini chocolate chips, a fairly hefty bag for a buck. I usually use mini m&m's in the kids granola bars. The last scoop I got at the bulk barn cost me $5. I probably should have picked up more. Then there were the red peppers. Only $10 for one of those baskets. I spent most of Sunday turning that into a whole lot of red pepper jelly. Yum!

Red peppers!

I also picked up some killer cinnamon butter. It tastes just like the center of a cinnamon bun. It's the best on toast. Abby and I are addicted already. I also grabbed some smoked pork chops, so good, but hard to find outside of the market.

Our next stop was the Apple Harvest Fest in ML's hometown. We had a great little walk through town. The kids tried on hats.


Totally adorable hats.

Love the hat

Abby felt strongly she needed this, for her next visit with Uncle Dave.

She is ready to lay the smack down.

So see, if I had stayed home and cleaned toilets, I would have missed out on all this fun!


Goofball said...

so is that a weekly market if it is that busy?

Julie said...

love love love the hats! i see winter project...

Mommy Project said...

The hats are incredible! Did you buy any?

Betsy said...

sometimes you have to realize that your house can wait, you have to seize and hold onto the moments that won't and the memories will be so worth it. I love the hats, and those peppers looks AMAZING! :-)

Leah said...

LOL Sometimes we DO need to step outside of life, or however you phrased it. Glad you all had such a good time!!