Wednesday, September 29, 2010

slowly getting over the weekend

Wow that was an impromptu blogging break I didn't mean to take.

This weekend was way tougher than I had imagined it would be. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time and laughed from one end of it to the other, but still it didn't come without a cost. The kids are long since used to Mike being away at meetings and obligations, but they are not used to me being kinda sorta gone and they gave my Mom a run for her money this past weekend I'm afraid. I am endlessly appreciative of my Mom for coming and staying with them so I could be off doing other things. I swear I just ran my tail feathers off from last Wednesday straight through to Sunday night.

Here's the hot points:

Live tweeting the fair was lots of fun. I am very curious to see how many texts I exchanged over the weekend because while I was texting in updates to facebook and twitter I was also texting with my Mom at home with the girls, Mike to keep in touch with him and HPH & ML when we got separated so we could hook back up...... just to name a few.

I wish I'd had a pedometer on this weekend just to see how many actual steps I walked.

The weather Friday was insane here. We lost power in the afternoon and they closed my road not long after that. I had no idea when the kids' bus was coming or if they were getting off here or at the sitter's. My house phone wasn't working. I had a Mom at my house who's daughter hadn't gotten off the bus at home or at the sitter's and the neighbour was stuck in traffic and her boys were not handling her being late well at all. Mike was stuck at the fair with no power while the wind tore apart the vendor's booths outside. Friday was like Armageddon.

The weather was just weird all weekend. We froze and we roasted. I got a teensy sunburn.

We "celebrated" Papa's birthday with pumpkin pie and singing in the middle of the school fair building. People applauded... probably because we had stopped singing.

I ate a deep fried Mars bar. Oh yes I did. It was delicious. I also had a taste of deep fried butter. It was odd... kinda like a deep fried pancake ball with a melted butter centre. We drew the line at chocolate covered bacon.

Seeing people run across the grounds at you to win a prize is really pretty exciting. Having folks ask you every time they see you what they won..... gets old really really fast. I mean really fast.

Who knew showing your cow was such a complicated process? Thank goodness my little buddy Brad was there to explain it all to us.

I reached a point on Sunday evening when I'd just had enough. I had hit the wall, but there was still more to do, the school fair building needed to be dismantled and I really wasn't sure I had it in me to help. And then the little old lady appeared out of no where, she patted me on the shoulder and thanked me for volunteering. It gave me the push I needed to get through that last hour or so. I don't know who she was, but I was thankful for her kind words.


Julie said...

you skipped on the bacon wrapped chocolate? i would have totally gone for that and skipped the butter. mmmm, bacon...

Kaci said...

Wow sounds like a great time!!

Bibliomama said...

Gotta love Julie. I was reading the post thinking I should give you props for volunteering but what I was really thinking was 'you picked the deep-fried butter over the chocolate-covered bacon?!" :)

Shan said...

Julie & Bibliomama - I feel I must point out I didn't purchase the deep fried butter. I just happened by the booth as Mike's cousin and her friend had bought it and they offered me a taste. Next year I'll go for the bacon :)