Friday, September 17, 2010

friday high five - fall tv shows

Another thing I love about fall... the new TV schedule. Nothing like a hot cup of tea and a fresh ball of yarn to turn into a scarf while I watch my favourite shows.

So which are the five I'm looking forward to watching the most?

1. Grey's Anatomy. I came in pretty late to the party on this one, but I'm glad I did. Oddly enough I only started watching it because Michael insisted that we should because everyone else was. Now... he won't watch it with me. He can't stand Cristina and feels all the storylines are ridiculous. Anyway I am dying to see how last season's bloody finale plays out.

2. The Office. I have to admit I was pretty underwhelmed with this past season. There was still lots of great moments, but I felt like the whole Saber storyline was weak and Kathy Bates (as much as I love her) was miscast here. I am looking forward to seeing how they wrap up Michael's storyline (I'm guessing Holly will make a reappearance) and who will end up at the helm of the office. I'm secretly pulling for the Nard Dog.... he gives the best backrubs in the office.

3. Survivor! Are you kidding me. Still love this show. Now that Abby's bedtime is 9pm, she can stay up to watch the whole show, she is beyond excited. I think Old vs Young is going to be interesting to watch. Mike has Shannon (ha! funny coincidence) in his work Survivor Pool, so I'll be pulling for him this season.

4. GLEE! Oh my gosh I love this show so much! I can't wait to see where the New Directions are headed now and what they'll be singing when they get there. And what Sue Sylvester's going to do to take them down. Love it!

5. Modern Family. This show is right up there with The Office and Arrested Development in my books. I love watching Ed O'Neil on this show. I was afraid he'd been type cast forever as Al Bundy, nice to see that not to be true. I can't wait to see more of Cam and Mitchell. I still laugh whenever I think of that clown episode. Oh and Claire and Phil, sweet clueless Phil. And Manny... he's just trying to bring style back to travel.

What are you looking forward to seeing back on TV this fall?


Karen said...

Did you know that I haven't even finished watching The Office from last season??? My whole experiment with no t.v. has left me in a t.v. deficit that I'm still trying to get out of! However, I'm now almost done GLEE - just the last episode to watch.

I can't wait to start on Modern Family. Heard so many good things - mainly from you!

Bibliomama said...

The only one I watch is Modern Family (actually I usually watch Gray's Anatomy but don't admit it. Don't tell). Modern Family is sheer freaking brilliance. We've been watching repeats all summer because we missed a lot of them. Survivor might be fun to watch with the kids -- I hate reality tv. I like my dumbass tv shows to be scripted.

Lynn said...

I'm a total TV junkie and I have already mapped out my daily schedule for shows. I KNOW, I need help. Anyway, the five I'm most looking forward to are Modern Family, 30 Rock, Parenthood (Tuesdays at 10, you should SO watch it, it's fantastic), Grey's (so happy to here I am not the only person still hanging in there - love that show!), and House. I'll also be checking out new shows The Event (Mondays at 9), Hawaii Five-O (I KNOW, but EW says the pilot is awesome -- Mondays at 10) and Raising Hope ( 9, I think).

Mommy Project said...

I've got two words for you - Dex.Ter.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I like most the shows you mentioned but my favorite is Chuck! I had big plans to watch a few of the new shows this season, but I don't know if I'm going to have time. That makes me so sad, because I REALLY love TV! :)