Thursday, September 16, 2010

the official first day of school post

Gah! The eyes... they should be open!


So yesterday was MyPie's first day of school. I have to say getting her off to school that morning was way smoother than I was anticipating. Now if you know anything about Mike and I, you know that we are going with the whole.... it takes a village to raise a child thing. Meaning my kids have very involved grandparents, so it was quite the entourage that saw Miss Maya off on the bus. Just 5 adults and the kids.


Of course I made the mistake of snapping some pictures as soon as we got to the stop. I say mistake because after we were done local photographer extraordinaire and one of my best girls The Mommy Project showed up and asked if we'd taken some pictures. We had, but they were not the best... I've shared them with you anyway, but gah! Well I should clarify, the ones of the girls, super adorable, the ones of the blogmother... not so much. The lesson here.... when an uber talented photographer offers to take a few pictures for you.... ALWAYS take her up on it.


Abby has not exactly been keen on the idea of her little sister starting school. She's worried that Maya is going to cramp her style and she certainly hopes I'm not expecting her to look after Maya all day.


Lucky for MyPie The MP's little Jamie was more than willing to play mother hen and she ushered Maya into line to get on the bus, promised to sit with her and to find her at recess. This thrilled Maya to no end because she LOVES Jamie and would tell you that they are BFF's, but she doesn't get to spend anywhere close to enough time with her.


So Maya got on that big yellow bus with her little bestie Jamie and she had ML's oldest son waiting to welcome her on and make sure she was doing okay while her Momma stood on the sidewalk with a wee tear in her eye (I wasn't going to admit to it, but The MP totally caught me). And I think that tear may have turned into a tiny weep if I hadn't noticed that she'd covered her eyes with her hand as the bus pulled away and then I bust out laughing. So very cute. So very Maya.



Goofball said...

nice documentary on her big first day! :)

Julie said...

wow! both girls at school. how's mama feeling?

Bibliomama said...

I have those same pictures -- the kids all new clothes and bright-eyed excitement and me looking like a puffy-eyed crack addict. Hope she had a great first day.

Mommy Project said...

You are too funny! Your photos are great and they capture all the great moments (the one on the bus with her covering her eyes is Priceless!). I probably would have taken a photo of you almost bawling your eyes out right there on the street, and then you would have been all trying to bust up my camera, and then I would have been all running away screaming and laughing...we would have looked like lunatics. So, probably for the best.


Loved this post.