Friday, July 06, 2012

friday high five - involved more

As much as we do and as much as we are involved in, I still feel I could be doing more. Even now, when my reserves are pretty low. Actually Mike and I were just remarking yesterday that once we get through Touch a Truck we aren't doing anything for anybody until September! Yeah, right! So what else is on my radar?

1. A charity dealing with mental health issues. For my Dad obviously. Well perhaps obvious to me. It's strange that none of the significant people in my life (my Mom, brother etc excluded) ever met him, so I imagine many people don't know he was dealing with some mental health issues that he ultimately couldn't get a handle on.

2. McMaster Hospital. Both of my beautiful girls are graduates for Mac's NICU. I am so incredibly thankful for all the lovely nurses and doctors that took such fabulous care of them.

3. Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. Abby was supposed to have open heart surgery there at 6 months and we were so incredibly lucky that it wasn't necessary. We were also incredibly lucky to have access to such a tremendous children's hospital.

4. Make a Wish Foundation. No personal experience there, but their work truly moves me.

5. Diabetes foundation. Our family has seen our share of diabetics over the years.

Are there any organizations you wish you were involved with?

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