Sunday, July 08, 2012

sunday randoms

This weekend was equal parts busy and relaxing.

Have I ever told you my girl JB is awesome sauce? Well she is, but this week she was exceptionally awesome. There are a whole bunch of little kids out there who don't know they owe her a very big thank you, so I'll thank her for them. Thanks JB.

This week is already gearing up to be crazy busy, but on the plus side, this is the last big push. Then we get to relax for a wee bit.

We went to a backyard movie birthday party this weekend... so much fun. Some folks actually do that stuff you see on pinterest. I'm trying to do more stuff off my pinterest boards myself.

I asked MyPie to put away her laundry today that I, of course, had washed, dried and folded. She proceeded to stomp around the house.... You're mean! You are so mean! The Abster had already put her laundry away, without complaint, so she piped up..... She's exaggerating. You're delightful.

I think I'm going to give strawberry ice cream a try tomorrow.

The kids have been in bed for hours and yet the Family Channel is still on.


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Leah said...

"She's exaggerating...You're delightful." I love it!!!!!