Saturday, August 11, 2012

and the gold medal goes to

Well if pinning was an Olympic event I would medal in it for sure. There is nothing I do not love about pinterest. I pin dozens of things a day, everything from ideas for what will be our new entrance way, organizing tips for our new pantry, motivation for my new healthy lifestyle, crafty ideas and of course recipes. Don't get me wrong, pinning and planning is fun, but unless I start tackling some of these projects, well then I'm just wasting even more time on the interwebs. 

So I better get cracking. My oven is still broken..... so heartbreaking....... and so many of my recipe pins require the oven. Big frowny face. This week we've been playing around with the crafty pins, much tp the kids delight. This was beneficial because fall fair season is upon us and the kids love love love to enter their projects in the fair. Two of the categories in this year's school fair book fit well with ideas I had pinned, decorated gift bag and Christmas Tree ornament.


Didn't they turn out super cute? The kids had a blast doing both these projects that were cheap and easy to set up. I got the gift bags at the dollar store and cut a stencil out of paper. I think we're going to make more of these for dispensing Christmas cheer this year. The  ornaments are popsicle sticks I glued together and let them go nuts with.

Speaking of Christmas, we started our own Christmas jar. Very basically, collect your change in a jar for the year and at Christmas time donate it to a family in need in your community, a social agency, your church, the sky's the limit really. The kids had a lot of great suggestions for this project. As we tidied the house today any spare change Abby found went into our jar. I'm really looking forward to making this a tradition.

I managed to squeeze in a recipe too, despite the broken oven. Inspired by the menu at a very delicious restaurant we hit up recently I made cheddar mashed potatoes. Which you'd think thei wouldn't be such a novel idea to me considering it's basically perogie filling that we used to eat by the spoonful when we shoudl have been, you know, filling perogie dough with it. They were delicious just like they were twenty-five years ago.

So, off to a pretty great start, now to get that oven fixed and start baking up a mess of cookies and maybe a pie or two.

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