Thursday, August 16, 2012

i love a parade

It was time once again for one of my favourite nights of the year, the Cactus Fest parade. Although I'm still unclear about why it's a *cactus* fest up here in the frozen tundra. I guess I could google it, but meh. I think it's safe to say this parade is a family favourite. I'm not really sure why. Maybe because it's on a warm summer evening. Perhaps it's because of the gaggle of girlfriends and kids that we meet up with. Maybe it's the band in the short shorts... which actually didn't seem to be all that short. They were so long this year I was forced to pick a new favourite marching band..... behold, the top hat band!


Aren't they awesome? They were certainly pleased with taking me on as their brand new number one fan They actually stopped, mid parade, for a little visit.


Maybe it's because you never know what sort of fun things are going to happen at a parade. Things like this....


This is Maya's begging for cotton candy face. Pathetic, isn't it? I didn't fall for it though.

Oh and Maya had the chance to hand feed a wild animal.


It was pretty much the most uh-maw-zing moment of her day.


I got to satisfy my babylust.


And we laughed and trash talked and gossiped and contemplated buying french fries and my purse filled up with candy and flyers and book marks and a whole bunch of pencils. Yep, it was a good night.

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