Tuesday, September 04, 2012

first day

Well what kind of mommy blogger would I be if I hadn't documented the kids' first day of school? I did have to work today, so I did what I could. Which was to snap some pictures of them as they got off the bus. Still the first day... it all counts.


The Abster, she started grade 5 today. Oh my. Only two years until she's all done at our little school. Hold me, I'm scared already. Abby was excited about going back to school, looking forward to her teacher this year. Gone are the days of kleenex and ziploc bags. This year's supply list includes a memory stick and a french english dictionary.


MyPie, she started grade 1 and was over the moon about having a desk of her very own. She's excited about the group she's in and can't wait for that homework to start coming home. Ahhh my little nerd. She loves her teacher and is beyond thrilled to be a "big kid".


How was the first day of school at your house?

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