Wednesday, September 05, 2012

yay for reading

It's no secret I love to read! I've read almost 30 books so far this year. Now as any reader knows, what makes books even greater is sharing the story with a friend. When the girls were born I couldn't wait until they were old enough to read all the books I fell in love with when I was a little girl. Books by Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary, and Laura Ingalls.

As Abby got older and her struggles with reading became apparent reading was about the last thing on the planet she wanted to spend any extra time doing. She was not a girl who was interested in reading for fun. She took part in an intense reading program at her school and really overcame a lot of her struggles, but still had no real interest in reading as a recreational activity.

Then Blockbuster closed and downloading movies was not an option for us and then I got a kobo which led to a library card. This summer we've been making weekly trips to the library to pick out dvds and books. As the summer has progressed I've noticed Abby disappearing with her book more and more. I'll find her curled up on the couch or laying across her bed, nosed buried in her book. She's been reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, which she's enjoyed. I haven't read the books, but I've seen two of the movies and liked them.

This week at the library Abby picked out Fudge-a-mania by Judy Blume. I was so excited. One of my very favourite authors when I was Abby's age. She's loving the book so far and has asked me to put a hold on another fudge book. I am loving having the opportunity to enjoy my favourite books again through her, but more than that I am thrilled she's becoming a reader.

What were your favourite childhood books?


Lynn said...

This is something I've really wanted to share with my kids, too, but so far no dice - they are happy to have me read to them, but no one around here wants to read themselves. It's definitely because I let them watch way too much TV. I need to get off my butt and make them turn it off more often.

I have a huge list of treasured kids' classics I want to share with the kids, and we are slowly working our way through them. My middle daughter adores Pippi Longstocking and she also really enjoyed Charlotte's Web (although I had to get my husband to read the final two chapters to her, because I bawl like a baby when Charlotte dies). I tried the Superfudge books with my son, it was a no-go, but he does really like the How To Train Your Dragon series, and he recently enjoyed Freckle Juice and How To Eat Fried Worms, two of my childhood favourites. We've read a lot of Roald Dahl together, as well - always a big hit.

Bibliomama said...

My son devoured the Diary of the Wimpy Kid books and the Percy Jackson books, and loved the Warriors books (warring cats - I never really got it, personally). My daughter loved all the Fudge books and Dear Dumb Diary and Ivy and Bean. She recently asked me to find some books that I read when I was young that I think she would like, which made little hearts fly out of my head. When my husband is away we usually pick one night where the kids sleep in my room and we all go to bed early to read together.

Bibliomama said...

Oh, but mine watch way too much tv too.