Friday, September 07, 2012

friday high five - my mom

Today is my incredible Mom's birthday! Some of you who read here are my real life peeps and y'all know what an amazing rock star of a Mom I have, but for those of you who haven't had the treat of meeting my Mom, here's what you should know...


1. She's generous, probably to a fault if we're being completely honest. She is a real deal, shirt of her back kind of chick.


2. She can be pretty determined. That thing you've been shopping for that is sold out everywhere... she will find you and probably at a discount.


3. She knows it's the little things that makes life special. Uncle Dave and I have endless lists of "little" things she did for us growing up... notes from the Easter bunny, the birthday cakes, packing lists for camping. Now she does the same for Abby and Maya.


4. I can't think of a greater cheerleader. No matter what it is. I texted her a picture from JB's kitchen as we were canning our faces off and immediately got back a text saying how proud she was of the two of us. She was at the finish line for my first race as she has been for countless races Daver has been in. Oh and did I tell you she made me a certificate, so I had flowers and a certificate of congratulations on completing my first race. Yeah, she's awesome like that.


5. She give's a good hug. In fact ML's youngest calls her Huggable because she is and she gives them out freely.

Happy Birthday Mom xo

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justme said...

Thanks for all the kind words love you all lots