Saturday, September 08, 2012

birthday dinner

While yesterday was Mom's official birthday, today we gathered the whole damn gang together to eat some grilled meats, salad, pretty purple potatoes and, of course, birthday cake. We're always happy when Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel are able to join us for family celebrations. Of course we always wish they could stay longer. Today was just a short one day type of visit, but a little visit is always infinitely better than no visit at all.


Even better Uncle Dave did all the bbqing because he's awesome like that. They also brought the most delicious sausage (maple bacon!!!)  with them. It's so good it's almost worth moving up north for. Almost. Most likely we'll stay down here and have them bring it to us. Yep, that works.


It wasn't a fancy night, by any stretch of the imagination, but perfect none the less.


Granny was suitably loved on and she had happy birthday sung to her twice because Maya missed the first time around.She got caught up in a game of fetch with Adelaide, you know how it goes.


Happy birthday again Mom. Love you!

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Leah said...

Looks like it was a wonderful celebration!