Sunday, September 09, 2012

sunday randoms

So did I tell y'all my stove is fixed. Yep, it is. Really expensive repair it was too. In the course of moving the new fridge into the kitchen Papa unplugged the stove and plugged it back in. For some reason after that I thought I should try turning it back on and it works. Just like that. Weird, huh?

Today I baked cinnamon bread, found the recipe on pinterest. I was very excited to be baking in my own home, I can't even tell you. The girls were excited to have treats for their lunches. And yes, even Maya liked the cinnamon bread. She doesn't like much of anything, so that was big.

Got our "new" fridge too. We ended up buying a lovely fridge off of kijiji. Kudos to Michael for doing all the leg work there. It's bigger than our old one, so we've had to move some things around. Not an idea I was totally in love with, but having lived with the new set up for a few days I'm pretty happy. Call me Martha if you want, but it's pretty exciting to have meals prepped and ready to go in the freezer because I actually have a working freezer again.

Maya currently has three dreams. It was two, but she added a third this weekend. #1. Eat an entire pizza in only two bites. #2. Be in a parade. #3. Own a chihuahua. Number two we can clear up for her next year, number three I told her was a go as soon as she buys her very own house. Haven't quite figured out how we can accomplish number one.

Geez I'm really unwilling to admit this weekend is over... perhaps because the beginning of this week is so busy?

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Lynn said...

Maya's dreams are HI-larious. That kid is a serious gem :).