Sunday, September 30, 2012

sunday randoms

Just registered to run in another race. Oh my gosh! I'm not really sure who I've turned into. I think I'm a little nervous this time around. I did not feel that in anyway when I registered for my first race. Weird. And I have a buddy this time! Yep, I do.

This weekend Papa gathered together a whole lot of our favourite people to help celebrate Grandma Linda's retirement. It was a very nice way to spend an afternoon although I wonder whether the restaurant has recovered from our raucous bunch.

Over the course of visiting Saturday afternoon it came up that one of Mike's cousins... who is also such a dear friend.....  has been doing 5ks too. She had signed up for one in November and well... see paragraph one. Thirty four days until race day!

Borrowed Downton Abbey from the library. So good. So so so so good! I watched the first episode by myself and was in LOVE within the first ten minutes. Mike was actually annoyed that I started it without him, caught the last few minutes, restarted the episode right away and he is completely hooked now. We powered through half of the first season this weekend. I have season two on hold, but we're fifty-one on the list. Hope the fifty before us watch it quickly and return it promptly. Anybody else watching this?

Well this round of holidays is all done. Time to put nose to the grindstone until Christmas.

Been working on a puzzle for the past week. Granny bought it for the kids, but it's kicking *my* ass. I forgot how much I enjoy working away at a puzzle. It's been a nice break from all the post fair paper work I've got going on.

Also made mini pancake muffins and brownie cookies off of my pinterest boards for lunches this week. Both were huge hits with my mini taste testers.

Abby and Maya spent a chunk of the weekend playing Barbies together. Gosh I love eavesdropping on those convos. At one point Maya's doll asked Abby's doll: Girl, why you so cray cray? I almost peed my pants laughing.


MP said...

I've heard others rave about Downtown Abbey...the name just turns me off. Maybe I should get past that and give it a try...
Also, I should bake something. Except I hate my stove.
That convo with the girls was so funny. :)

Shan said...

Yes you should get past it and watch! We just finished up season one and I am so annoyed it's over! It's really a fantastic story. Incredibly well done! Oh and I already baked... just come to council ;) And eavesdropping on Barbie/Little Pets/Little People play time is my favouritest thing ever!

MP said...

Oh, sorry I couldn't make council...girls had swimming...darnit! Missed out on your baking. :-(

Shan said...

MP - we actually followed you guys as far as the school. I figured it was swimming night.