Saturday, October 13, 2012

crossed the finish line... sorta

Did you hear the cheer? I just finished inputting about a gazillion pieces of information. All the kids who entered something in the School Fair this year have had their cash and points recorded. If you were wondering that is about 1000 kids. I'm so happy and relieved to be finished....... step one. Oh yes, this is a multi-step process. We offer trophies and bonus cash to the kids who score the highest in each of the sections as well as the highest points over all, so I now I must go back over the 56 different spread sheets and break that down. Then I record some stats, number of entries, number of schools etc and then we get to do the cash. Then I will really truly be finished.

It is a lot of work and a huge job to try and fit in around your normal everyday life, but I do love it. I know how proud and excited all those kids will be when they finally get their little envelope and that, my friends makes it all worth it.

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