Thursday, October 11, 2012

finally fall

I'm so excited for the cooler weather, although today's run was incredibly blustery. It means it's time for soup and casseroles and pasta. For movie nights and popcorn and jammies under fuzzy blankets. Time for knitting and board games and impossible puzzles. Time for slippers and endless mugs of tea and a hot chocolate or two, just to mix things up. Time to relax and recharge and take it easy for a little bit. Yep, love the cooler weather, how 'bout you?


Lynn said...

Ugh, I'm a hater. There's nothing I love more than being able to open the door and just walk outside without having to put on a hat, mitts, or shoes first. I love basking in the hot sun and it can never really be too hot for me. I'm a cold person and already, in this kind of weather, I'm breaking out the boots and winter coat. SHIVERS.

A few years ago I tried to make a list of things I actually like about winter, to keep me going through the cold months. Here's what I came up with: no bugs; the goop in the green bin freezes and so is not nearly so smelly; and Christmas. Other than that - it's all bad news!

Chantal said...

I like the cooler weather till about mid January and then I am done. And at that point it has only actually been winter for a few weeks. :(

Goofball said...

all those activities are fun for winters but not just yet. if they start already in fall, when do we have outside dinners, bbqs, mojito's, ...? pff I miss summer