Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Well the evolution of Shanny continues. It's Halloween night, my arch nemesis. If I could only explain to you how painfully uncomfortable Halloween was for me. People in costumes caused me a huge amount of anxiety. Mike was always in charge of handing out the candy, if he stepped away to answer the phone or use the bathroom I would pray no one would come to the door while he was busy. Dreaded Halloween night.

But here we are... Halloween night 2012. I came home from work, ran on the treadmill, had a bite of dinner and some how I found myself digging through the dress up box.....


Before I knew what was happening I was in a costume that I went out in. Left the house on Halloween night with my kids in a costume... a coconut bra and a grass skirt no less. The funny thing was my costume accidentally matched my pal the Dairy Farmer. So we had a hoot all night playing that up. Seriously, my life is that awesome these days.


I may have mentioned before that we live right around the corner from the home and world headquarters of a circus. They do Halloween up right. One of the guys was riding around the village on a penny farthing bike in a top hat, dress coat with tails and goggle, it was surprisingly creepy. At headquarters they had their  fog machine out and the kids played in the fog for a good 10 minutes.


The kids loved that Mike and I got into the spirit of things this year. Mike's "costume" may have been the hit of the evening, amongst the adults anyway. Gosh there was a lot of laughs over that. Don't worry the sign stayed discreetly tucked away in his coat and only pulled out after ID's were checked.


This may have been the best Halloween ever! So happy we got to share the night with such great friends! Hope y'all had half as much fun as I did.

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