Sunday, October 07, 2012

sunday randoms

So thankful to share a lovely turkey dinner with my family Saturday night and then equally delicious Chinese take out with my Mom and the crew tonight. Thanks to everyone who's fed me this weekend. I am now officially in a food coma and will be crawling into bed shortly to sleep it off. After I drink about a gallon of water.

Well as it turns out Maya is as equally interested in taking piano lessons. I guess I better get on that.

Did I mention Abby brought a drum home with her from my Mom's? Oh and that the girls intend to play it all day tomorrow. Yep.

By the time I get this fair paperwork I'm going to be in need of a massage. I've been hunched over my laptop for hours trying to input pages upon pages of data... in between homework, laundry, dinner, choir, riding, showers and so on and so on.

I knit Abby a poncho and now MyPie would like one too. She's left the yarn sitting here on the table for me. I guess I better get to it. I'll fit it in somewhere.

I'm close to having the girls' Christmas shopping done. Feeling pretty good about that.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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