Wednesday, November 28, 2012

favourite things

For quite some time I have seen Favourite Things Party postings on blogs and pinterest. Every time I see one I think they look like so much fun and I really should either have one or get invited to one. As luck would have it I did manage to score an invite to my girl JB's party last Friday night.

I wish you could all have the chance to hang out with JB. She is a pretty cool chick. She loves all that fun crafty stuff and she throws one heck of a party. My invite to this party came tied up with string because.... sing it with me..... brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things. Cute, right?

So what is a Favourite Things party? Well I had planned on taking lots of pictures, because I knew she would have her place totally adorable for the party, but then Mike caught one heck of a stomach thing and I didn't think I was going to be able to make it at all, so my phone didn't have enough of a charge on it to take any pictures. Luckily Abby was out and Mike felt well enough to keep half an eye on Maya and I was only around the corner if he needed me. So at the last minute I got to go..... Yay!

The rules were deceptively simple. Purchase three of your favourite things valued between $10 - $15 and bring them with you. I say deceptively because picking out my favourite thing was actually incredibly hard and I was not alone in that sentiment. Almost all of the ladies there complained about the same thing. The only advice I can offer is to remember that you are purchasing *your* favourite thing and not what you think the other guests would like.

Once we got to the party JB had us sign our names on a piece of paper, three times and drop them in a bowl. One by one, after an appropriate amount of snacking and girl talk, we all got up to present our favourite thing to the group and tell a little bit about why it was our favourite thing and then you draw three names out of the bowl and those three folks got to take your favourite thing home with them.


That was my haul... a hand knit twirly scarf, hand soap, tea, perfume, socks, chocolate and tea! Some of the other ladies brought gift cards, coffee mugs full of treats, and maple syrup. It was so much fun to see what everyone had come up with. JB had also made us gift bags to take our loot home in and a super cute wine glass with a sparkly stem. It was a great night with some fun ladies, lots of laughs and we all came home with new favourite things. So much fun! I wish you all could have been there! I'm totally planning on borrowing the idea from JB (I'm sure I won't pull it off half as well as she did) and have my own favourite things party in the new year. Next year is my "year of 40" and I plan on doing it up right!!


So don't wait, get your favourite girl friends together and throw your own Favourite Things party. You won't regret it.

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Diane Fleming said...

It looks like you got some beautiful things. I have never heard of a favourite things party.