Tuesday, December 25, 2012

so far...

I'm not sure I could have made today anymore perfect than it ended up being. Maya declared this the best Christmas of her entire life... yes, all darn near seven years of it!

Our gifts to the kids were decidedly old school, rug hooking, corking, books, board games and arty things. We tried to cross an item off Maya's "dream list" - a chihuahua - with a webkinz version of the pup, but apparently a stuffed version was not what she meant.

The whole family has promises of magazines coming in the mail....... Mail that isn't bills is awesome sauce!

We had a breakfast that was full of really great bacon and ten tons of laughs even though there was a technical foul that had Grandma Linda ejected from breakie... think twice before you steal pancakes off another family member's plate kids. It's my Christmas Brunch Public Service Announcement to y'all.

I combined two of my favourite apple pie recipes and ended up with one epically delicious super apple pie. I wish I had room for another piece right now.

Granny cooked our turkey the day before and carved it up, we tossed it in the oven to warm while we got everything else ready, so we had Christmas dinner ready for less than an hour of kitchen time today. I highly recommend this.

My plan was to play along with the hourly photo project and then I got completely sidetracked by my family, which is an awesomely great thing.

I have been collecting Christmas hugs like a bandit this year... also awesomely great!

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