Sunday, December 30, 2012


~Going to put the world away for a minute, pretend I don't live in it....~ Knee Deep by The Zac Brown Band

Going into this holiday season, that was not necessarily my plan, but that's what I ended up doing. There is something wrong with my laptop, but I'm slowly working my way through it. It turns on regularly now, so that's a huge plus. I think I've picked up a bug of some sort, so now it's just a matter of tracking it down, which means I'm running scans of all sorts on it.... scans that take an incredibly long time to run through 100%. All that to say that we're back to being a one computer family, but there are worse things. It also means I've had more time for knitting and board games and movies (the Avengers was awesome y'all and my crush on RDJ has increased tenfold) and reading. Mike and I actually read the same book this month and then had a really fun after dinner convo about it... that may have been my favourite Christmas present :)

So Uncle Dave and Auntie Melly were here for a couple of days. Way too short by Abby and Maya's calculations..... mine too. Maya always figures if she refuses to hug them good-bye they won't be able to leave, but it doesn't quite work that way.Adelaide my dog niece was here as well.... the whole family may have taken to her a little too much and she too us since she needed to be coaxed into Dave and Mel's car when it came time to go. The kids are currently begging for a dog of their own. Sigh.

Christmas was quiet and busy and lovely, full of family and smiles and hugs. The theme of less is more has spread like wildfire... at least in these parts. Mike had a moment of.. did we get the kids enough... but they were more than happy with what they got. Happier still just to be with everyone. Maya had some bonding time with Great Uncle G-Mac, someone she usually pretends doesn't exist, but turns out Uncle G-Mac is a rock star when it comes to find the difference picture puzzles and Maya was super stuck on one. That kind of desperation makes you do funny things.

Mike and I got less, but more as well. The girls got us a bird feeder and seed, now I'm waiting not very patiently for the birds to start to use it. Yep, I am a bit of a bird nerd. I scored some running gear, some clothes, some books, a new broom and a gift card for some new clothes.

I'd love to share pictures with you, but they are on my laptop and on facebook if we're friends there. I will share as soon as I get my computer straightened out.

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Merry said...

i'm a bird nerd too. i love watching the birds come to a feeder.