Tuesday, January 01, 2013

happy new year

So I had all these fun end of the year posts planned for the old blog, but then my laptop decided to go on strike and somehow I just never got around to sitting back here on Mike's computer to write any of them. Weird, huh. I mean this used to be on the only computer in the house and it's where all the blogging happened, but now.... well.... I think it's the keyboard. My keys are much flatter and don't require as much pressure, so I find myself stumbling to type stuff up. First world, problems, right?

So happy 2013 everyone!! I'm kind of on the fence about New Year's Resolutions. Are you making any?


Merry said...

Nope. No resolutions here. I did pick a word for 2013....Happiness. Here's hoping I figure out how to have more of that this year.

Goofball said...

happy New Year to you and your family! Hope 2013 turns out great

Yes, I want to lose 5kg in the first half of 2013. that is my only resolution.