Tuesday, January 08, 2013


The awesome. I think I got it. Already!

So I know I said my word for this year was going to be AWESOME, what with it being the year of 40 and all that, but the bigger question was how was I actually going to implement it? How was I going to make it awesome? I mean, I think the past year was pretty awesome and I wasn't even trying. The other big question was, what was going to make it awesome? What was I going to need to happen to be able to declare this year AWESOME at the end of December 2013?

I think that is very much going to be a work in progress, finding out the answer to that question. I am so looking forward to figuring that out, but what's really speaking to me so far is the people. My peeps. How many times have you said.... we should do that again soon. Or we should get together soon. Or some variation of that theme? I know I've said it tons. I'm going to stop saying it and start doing it. I have a lot of very fun and lovely people in my life and I always want to spend more time with them. So I extended a few invitations to get together and even that simple act had me smiling. You know how they say if you put something out there, you'll get it. Well no sooner did I extend these invitations did I receive one back. Just like that....... there was the AWESOME.

Are you finding the AWESOME?


Karen said...

Do you think it's the winter months that make us want to be more social? For me, it is. In the spring, summer, fall, I'm content to be in my garden or playing outside with my kids but in the winter, I crave reconnection with friends and family. Must be the historian in me that reconnects with people doing their visiting in the winter when it was easier to travel over the snow than over the muddy corduroy roads of summer.

Betsy said...

I am trying to find the awesome. =) Can't wait to continue reading about your awesome 2013