Sunday, January 13, 2013

sunday randoms

Can I just say, I love having people over for brunch. I think it's because it's a fancier breakfast then I normally have. Which if you're asking.... and you are, right? Is a toasted egg sandwich on bread or a bagel or an english muffin... whatever. Brunch breakfast is way better. There is bacon and sausage and cheesy eggs and if you're super lucky, french toast and homemade cinnamon buns. We had brunch with family this morning and it is very likely the best decision I made all last week.

Not unrelated, I ate a shit ton of cinnamon buns today. I made the Pioneer Woman's famous cinnamon rolls, so once we were done with them and I gave a tray to Poppa, I still had two trays to put into the freezer. I like that.

I think our new library is finally opening this week. It's been closed for over two weeks and the whole family is missing it quite a bit. Oh and The Abster borrowed her first book on her Kobo. Of course now MyPie wants one of her own.

Putting Maya to bed the other night... ~Mom, is it okay if I do a bit of math homework before I go to sleep? Ummm, sure. ~ Anybody else's kid have math work books stashed by their bed?

I have fallen in love with the very sweet little doggy from across the street. So in love.

Art classes started this weekend for the girls. Not surprisingly it was a grand slam hit right outta the park.

By this time next weekend I'll be the Mommy to a brand new seven year old. How is that possible?

How was your weekend?

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Betsy said...

I had a fantastic weekend. Besides voluntarily pushing my 30+ lb kid uphill in her umbrella stroller on a snow covered sidewalk lol. Really good though. Sounds like you had a good one as well. =)