Tuesday, February 12, 2013

poppa vs granny it's a throwdown

So Maya went to school today and wished her teacher a happy Fat Tuesday! Is that kid awesome or what?

It is indeed Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday which ever you feel most comfortable with and it seemed like the perfect time to have a pancake showdown. Here's the thing my kids sleepover at the grandparents fairly regularly and when they sleep over they usually get pancakes for breakfast. Now the kids have claimed for a very long time that Poppa makes the very best pancakes.... yes they are even better than mine they say. In the past few months they have been spending a bunch of time with Granny and they've been heard to remark that Granny's pancakes are the best ever too. You know what happened next, right? A little fun and friendly trash talking between Granny and Poppa and before you knew it I was drafting out the rules for a Pancake Throwdown.


It only made sense to hold the Throwdown on the pancake's day to shine... Pancake Tuesday. So Granny and Poppa measured, mixed and flipped some pancakes and then forced their grandchildren to pick between them. Of course there was a healthy dose of nerves and trash talking, a pinch of attempted bribery and tons and tons of laughs.



There was also ten tons of food..... because that's how we roll, but for the purposes of judging the kids (we ended up with 4 judges our two and a couple of friends) taste tested a plain pancake and a decorated pancake and then weighed in. So how did the voting go? Well Maya's middle name is apparently Switzerland and she steadfastly refused to choose one over the other in both rounds. As for the rest of the kids they have no problem declaring a favourite. Granny took the plain pancake round, two to one. Round two, the decorated or fancy pancake, went to Poppa, two to one. So the end result was a complete draw!


Judging out of the way we all sat down to pancakes, sausage, bacon, and potato pancakes so the true winners were the rest of us. I think Poppa summed it up best when he said, this night wasn't going to be fancy, but it was going to be fun..... motto for the year of AWESOME? I think so.

Who new a food throwdown could be so much fun. I'm seriously considering holding a chili cook off... how much fun would that be? Maybe a little prize money to make it interesting.... who's in? Seriously, let me know, so I can draft the official rules.

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Betsy said...

How fun is that!? Love it!