Wednesday, February 13, 2013

happy choose your own name day

Last month I took a few moments and googled all those funny non-holiday holidays... like national chocolate cake day and the like. I picked a handful of the fun ones and added them to our calendar. It's been fun, we've celebrated puzzle day and chocolate cake day to name a couple. Today was choose your own name day, so as we all headed out the door this morning I told the girls to think about what they'd like their name to be if they could pick it themselves.

I was really looking forward to seeing what they came up with because I think they have the most perfect names ever... no I'm not biased at all, why do you ask? Both kids were completely 100% ready with their names as soon as we sat down for dinner. Abby would change her name to Trixie and Maya would change hers to Miranda.

I have no idea where Trixie came from, but Maya I'm pretty sure came about because she had just finished addressing her iCarly valentines. iCarly's name in real life is, of course, Miranda Cosgrove. Not that long ago Maya used to think Miranda's name was Ramanda Cosmo and I didn't correct her ever.

So that's another little peek into the things that are making up this year of AWESOME. What woudl you change your name to if you could? I picked Penelope.


Betsy said...

How fun! I might just have to do that one of these days. =)

Lynn said...

OMG, so much pressure! I would love to have a cooler name. My own is so dull. But what to choose...gah. When I was a teenager, I loved the name Jordan, after the character in The Great Gatsby. It's still pretty awesome, I think. I'm reading a book right now where the main character is named Audrey and that's awesome, too. Oh, and Dorothy! Always loved that name. Guess I'm going to have to be a major hypenate.

Such a cute idea to add the fun days to the calendar! Would you post your list?

Julie said...

Leticia, Lily for short. The only sad thing about not having a girl, was I wouldn't be able to have that name!