Thursday, February 14, 2013


Well it's happening... I can't stop it. I feel like I'm standing on the high diving board with my toes over the edge and the water.... well it's really really really far down there.

In a handful of months Abby will be turning eleven. She's growing up and it makes me nervous. It also has me figuring out this motherhood thing all over again. I've never been the Mom to a tween before, but I have been a tween girl, so at least I have some outdated experience. This past week we let her download a texting app for her ipod and she's signed for a social media type account (not facebook).

So far she's only been texting with family, but I realize that will not last for long. She's so excited that she can actually text people that she shows me everyone she sends and receives, but again I realize that won't last for long either. I'm keeping an eye on the social media account, what she's posting, what people are posting to her. Trying to find that balance. How to be present, but not muddy the waters too much for her. So far it's been fun, she and her little friends are adorable in that "oh look they're growing up" kind of a way, but I worry. I worry about bullying and peer pressure and how do I manage to raise them to successfully navigate all of that?


Betsy said...

I dread those days. So hard to find that balance. I have a few years, so if you could please post tips here, that would be great ;-)

a happier girl said...

My 9 year old started texting me on her iTouch. I recently agreed to let her get a texting app so she could text other family members that don't have iPhones. It makes me a little nervous but it it's also sort of amazing to watch her testing her little wings.

Lynn said...

We still have a couple of years to go before this point, but I'm already fretting about it. As you figure things out, would love to hear updates and advice!