Sunday, March 31, 2013

sunday randoms

So my laptop is back! That is fun and exciting news.

This weekend was full to the tits. Too full. I crammed a wee bit too much into it and I'm feeling it. My tank is on empty. It actually all started before the weekend and just kept snowballing.

Recently I had a bout of anxiety, not a little bout either, it was a big one. I wasn't even anticipating it... which was silly because I was dealing with something that is/was a major trigger for me. Mentally I'm past it, but physically I'm still dealing with the effects. Sitting here now I really can't believe I used to live feeling that way all the time. It's just crazy.

The kids used Uncle Dave's dog Adelaide as a 24 hour demonstration of how well they can care for a dog. I'm still not sold.

The great parts of this weekend was of course... the chocolate... just kidding, it was spending copious amounts of time with my family, which is always awesome.

I made Paska this weekend from scratch. It was delicious and I'm sure somewhere my Eastern Eurpoean Grandmother was smiling down on me.

How was your weekend?

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Betsy said...

It was really good. I got to go home to mom's house and visit. I am feeling pretty drained myself actually!