Monday, April 01, 2013

instagram monday - even the flowers are ready for spring


I snapped this picture of these snowbells popping through the snow on my front lawn while I was locked out of the house last week. Yep. I locked myself out of the house. Kinda.... actually it was all Mike's fault. We bought our car at a lot 45 minutes away and the afternoon he went to pick it up neither of us realized he still had my house key with him. Of course I didn't realize it until after I had been digging around in my purse for 55 seconds and after Papa had backed out of the drive and went on his merry way. I figured Mike should be back from the lot shortly, but if not I already started planning how I was going to break into the house with MyPie's assistance. Luckily Mike and the bus got back to the house within minutes of each other and MyPie's career in crime was put on hold.


Betsy said...

I had to break into our house yesterday. Hate it when that happens. I am SO ready for spring. So ready! =) Already got my garden started and everything. Just got to give it some time before I start planting it ouside.

Goofball said...

glad you are still having winter weather around as well... for us it's quite unusual and daffodils are trying to peek up but not quite blooming at all.

I miss sun and warmth and flowers

Living in a city center street with a door that locks when closed, I am so afraid to leave the house once locked out. Jan did it once when I was in Amsterdam...drove 90 min to my parents who luckily still had a spare key. ...which is now in my purse so he'd better not do it again :p