Thursday, April 18, 2013

in the neighbourhood

Maya came down with a stomach bug yesterday. Abby succumbed to it not long after she got home. Two pukey kids laid up in my living room should have made it easy to skip out on my homework. Yes I have homework now. I recently had a talk with a mental health professional. I talked and she listened and then she talked and I listened and then she assigned homework. Daily, I have to check in with her kind of homework. Daily, I have to check in with her and if I don't she's right on my case kind of homework.

It's easy homework and yet, not easy for me. I'm supposed to take time every day to do something just for me because as she, rightly, pointed out to me I have things that I do for me. I read, I write, and I run, among other things, but not many of those things have been happening lately. When things get tough or busy or stressful I immediately drop those things. So yesterday after everyone was cleaned up and settled on the couch I headed upstairs for my jammies, but instead I forced myself to put on my running gear and head out the door. The kids were in Michael's capable hands, even still I planned on bailing on my run after a kilometre or two, but I made myself stay out there for five.

Of course everything was fine while I was gone. The kids were well taken care of and Mike had dinner ready for me by the time I got home. Turns out she was right, the world didn't implode.

So things are going better. The tide is beginning to turn. The pain in my back is gone, the headaches have decreased significantly, my sleeping has improved. I'm not back to 100% awesomeness, but at least I'm in the right 'hood.


a happier girl said...

Good for you! Moms are especially good at forgetting to do things for themselves. Stick with it.

Betsy said...

I think that should be everyone's homework!!!! =) Glad you are doing better and hope the girls are feeling better now.