Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sunday night we took advantage of the five minutes of nice-ish weather we had and barbecued some burgers. Maya does not eat beef. She will eat small amounts of chicken or turkey, but not beef. She does love turkey burgers which for some reason she thinks are sausage burgers..... and because she eats them we do not correct her. Another thing about Maya and food, she will happily go without dinner rather than try something new.

So Mike brings the burgers in from the grill. Maya takes one look and asks.... are those sausage burgers? Yes, yes they are, Mike tells her. I figured she wouldn't get past the first bite before she figured out she'd been duped, but to my surprise she ate the whole thing. I may have let my own dinner go cold as I sat and watched her actually eat a burger and enjoy it. I figured it was a fluke, a one off and then......

it was Taco Tuesday. Tacos are another thing Maya has steadfastly refused to try, but she is very insistent on the rest of the family partaking of tacos on Tuesday and only Tuesday. Tonight at dinner she pipes up, hey can I try some of that? She ate a bite of taco meat, declared it delicious and then ate a taco. Unheard of!

Every body has always told me that eventually she would grow out of this uber picky stage, but I never believed it to be true until this week. You have no idea how excited I am to add two new foods to her incredible short list of acceptable items. I hope this is a streak that continues.

Are your kids picky eaters?


Bibliomama said...

Yes! Eve is insanely picky, and although she's so apologetic about it that I can't get mad at her, it concerns me. She won't eat peanut butter, citrus, beans, pasta with sauce or hamburgers, and if she tries to force it she throws up. Happily she's fine with most fruit and raw vegetables and loves fish and will eat a bit of most meat (she loves tacos). But I keep hoping she'll expand her food repertoire a bit.

Leah said...

My kids are hit and miss. I'll watch them inhale something I STILL wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole one day, and then pooh-pooh something they've always loved the next. What gives? Emily Grace is really branching out lately. Connor's "ultimate worst food" is chicken (to quote him). If I can get him to try the meal without realizing it's chicken, he'll more often than not end up liking it (not always, but often). But if he hears/sees chicken while it's being prepared... Be prepared for the mother of all fits. :( Jared's pretty good with most foods. I'm probably pickier than any of my kids!! LOL