Saturday, April 13, 2013

well on our way

Well all that planning and organizing came down to tonight, the Jersey Girls second annual spaghetti dinner! We set an ambitious goal for ourselves this year, $5000 in 2013. My hope was that tonight would get us a fifth of the way there. That was my hope. How did we do in reality?

This is where I pull a Ryan Seacrest on you and make you wait until after the commercial break for the answer!

First of I have to thank my team. I just couldn't do this without them. I don't want to do this without them. They are my best girls! We have shared a lot of great stuff together and they have supported me through the not so great stuff. I love them. Thanks to the kitchen crew, who worked their tails off keeping a steady supply of hot food coming out of the kitchen. Thanks to the server girls who served everyone with a smile on their faces. Thanks to our kiddos, the Junior Jerseys who replenished water pitchers and dessert platters, cleared and wiped tables, ran things back and forth to the kitchen and so much more.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us. It was fabulous to see so many friendly faces out there. I so wish I'd had time to chat with more of you, but it was an absolute sprint to keep everything running as smoothly as we could. I was, quite literally, running the back hall between the room and the kitchen all evening. I hope y'all enjoyed yourselves and left with full bellies.

So... commercial break over, how did we do? Well, thanks to your very kind support, we raised a titch over $2000 towards our goal of $5000. I am overwhelmed and so incredibly grateful. Thank you all so much!! It was definitely a great day in the year of AWESOME!

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Betsy said...

That is amazing! Great job! =)