Monday, April 29, 2013

instagram monday - samosas


My beautiful bestie showed up at my place Saturday night with 40 samosas for my twenty forty-ish birthday because she is awesome like that. Now I love love love samosas so this was a wise choice, but here's the part that made me fall of my chair.....

Maya: Mom, what are those things?
Me: Samosas.
Maya: But what's in them.
Me: Potato.
Many many many minutes later.
Maya: I think I want to try one of those things.
Me: Which things?
Maya: The things with the potato inside them.

Here's the thing, Maya isn't one to voluntarily try new foods especially ones that contain potato. I mean french fries most of the time don't even make the cut, but here she was asking if she could try it. So I handed one over and she took a bite, a normal sized bite, not the teeny tiny microscopic bite that her sister passes off as a taste when trying a new food. She took the bite and I could see her thinking about it as she chewed. Was it any good? Did she like it? She was giving it a shot. Ultimately she decided she didn't care for if, but I was just so impressed that she gave it an actual try I nearly fell over. Maybe that tide is actually starting to turn.


Julie said...

Samosas have to be on my top 5 favorite foods list. Unfortunately they are also on the gluten list. :(. Boo.

Now that's 2x Maya has tried new foods. I won't say anything as to not jinx it. :)

Betsy said...

That is so awesome! I was thinking yesterday when you posted that it was the canadian way of spelling samoas, like the girl scout cookie. =)

Goofball said...

oh wow those look so good